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The noncoding loci were obtained using the inverse PCR protocol (Ochman et al. The Gen Bank accession numbers for these sequences are DQ231254–DQ231333.Portions of three protein-coding loci involved in pigmentation in African cichlid fishes (Sugie et al.The oldest parts of Lake Tanganyika arose 9–12 MYA (Cohen, Soreghan, and Scholz 1993), and Lake Tanganyika cichlids exhibit an ancient radiation, relative to those found in Lakes Malawi and Victoria.

The Gen Bank accession numbers for these loci are DQ239797–DQ239828.

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This article appeared in the Travel Word on January 28th, 2011.

In order to establish a useful benchmark for contrasting nuclear gene variation with mitochondrial variation, a single database sequence for ND2 was used for each of as many species of Malawi cichlids as were available.

The ND2 gene was selected because it has been sequenced in a large number of species and because the amount of homoplasy evident in the pattern of variation is far less than appears in sequences from the control region of the mitochondria.

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